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SmartECG™ is a CE certified, class IIa medical software for viewing and analyzing ambulatory ECG recordings. A typical use case is the diagnosis of patients referred to 24-hour Holter studies. SmartECG™ is developed and distributed by Remotea.


Why SmartECG™? 

Manual analysis of long ECG recordings takes too much time. It is expensive and causes unnecessary delays in treatment.

SmartECG™ automates a large portion of the work that a special physician or an ECG technician would otherwise have to do manually. In addition, SmartECG™ is easy to use and thus speeds up the work that is best suited for humans. 

SmartECG™ works via an internet browser and is therefore available anywhere, anytime. The user has always access to the latest version of the software. User management and software maintenance can be taken care of remotely. ECG recordings are analyzed automatically in a secure cloud, thereby allowing flexible increase of hardware performance. This, in turn, enables the full use of sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence.


Benefits of SmartECG™ for special health care

SmartECG™ saves special physicians’ and ECG technicians’ valuable time, enables larger patient volumes, and speeds up the treatment of individual patients. The health care unit can allocate its human resources more efficiently. More patients can be examined in the same time and queues can be eliminated. Personnel well-being and happiness increase. Patient satisfaction improves.


Benefits of SmartECG™ for general health care 

SmartECG™ empowers general practitioners by giving them access to an easy-to-use software that can be used for both direct diagnosis and for consulting a specialist physician. Uploading data to SmartECG™ is easy and can be performed by a nurse or another professional with just a short training. SmartECG™ saves GPs’ and nurses’ time, enables larger patient volumes, and speeds up the treatment of individual patients.


Benefits of SmartECG™ for device manufacturers

SmartECG™ allows device manufacturers to provide their customers with a full solution for ambulatory ECG data collection and analysis. While a device manufacturer is an expert in hardware, the customers also need a means to display and analyze the data collected with the device. Developing this kind of software requires special knowledge and years of rigorous work. So why not concentrate on the core expertise and cut down the costs by licencing the SmartECG™ software? SmartECG™ is a CE certified, class IIa medical software, and it is also available as a white-label product.




SmartECG™ Screening is an AI powered ECG analysis software that can analyze 24 hour ECG Holter recordings in minutes. It can detect heart problems and help to get the patient to right treatment in time.

Normally Holter recording is done when there already are symptoms. When the patient is diagnosed very late, the treatment is more difficult, and the results are not as good as when the problems are detected at very early stages.

SmartECG™ Screening makes it possible to screen thousands of people easily and cost effectively, thus making it possible to detect heart problems when they are not yet life threatening and easier to cure.

Cost savings can be huge, and the patients can be treated without expensive surgeries with long recovery times.

In many cases early detection of possible problems can also save patients life.


Remotea is a Finnish healthtech software company founded in 2002.

We help patients to get to the treatment faster, healthcare professionals to use their resources in a better way and health and wellness operators to give more value to their customers.

SmartECG™ is a CE certified medical software for viewing and analyzing ambulatory ECGs such as Holter recordings.

SmartECG™ can detect multiple arrhythmia types such as sinus tachycardia and bradycardia, atrial fibrillation, ventricular and supraventricular bigeminy, and ventricular and supraventricular runs. 


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