SmartECG Screening is a fast and cost efficient solution for analysing large amounts of long-term ECG data, speeding up the diagnosis of screened patients and flagging those  who need to be examined more thoroughly by experts.

SmartECG Screening

SmartECG is an AI powered ECG analysis software that can analyze 24 hour ECG Holter recordings in minutes. It can detect heart problems and help to get the patient to right treatment in time.


Normally Holter recording is done when there already are symptoms. When the patient is diagnosed very late, the treatment is more difficult, and the results are not as good as when the problems are detected at very early stages.


SmartECG-Screening makes it possible to screen thousands of people easily and cost effectively, thus making it possible to detect heart problems when they are not yet life threatening and easier to cure.


Cost savings can be huge, and the patients can be treated without expensive surgeries with long recovery times.


In many cases early detection of possible problems can also save patients life.



RemoteA is a healthtech company specializing in: 

• Our ECG analysis software SmartECG©

• Health data science 

• Related software projects 

We help patients get to treatment faster, healthcare professionals to use their resources in a better way and health and wellness operators to give more value to their customers.

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