PulseOn Oy will introduce a revolutionary medical device in 2021 for diagnosing and monitoring heart arrythmia. PulseOn has been discussing with several companies about co-operation for creating a cloud-based software service that will support the new PulseOn device. This service will display arrythmia information measured by PulseOn device to healthcare professionals and provide information to help doctors to make a diagnosis. PulseOn chose Remotea Oy as a strategic partner to this project.

“We chose Remotea as our strategic partner because Remotea has already developed the leading software service for analysing ECG data (SmartECG) in the Finnish market, and they have an extensive knowledge in developing medical software solutions.” – PulseOn, CEO Jaakko Hattula states.

“We are extremely happy about this strategic partnership with PulseOn. PulseOn’s know-how in wearable medical devices combined with Remotea’s know-how in medical software development can produce a new Finnish success story and we very much want to be part of it. Combining the key competencies of our companies will produce significant synergies to both companies. “ – Remotea Oy, Chairman of the board Sami Isoaho says.


PulseOn Oy is a medical technology company specialized in optical heart rate (OHR) and ECG wearables for medical use. The company has profound expertise through research and development with various patents for algorithms and device design. 

With constant development of technology towards even higher heart rate accuracy, reliability and power optimization PulseOn offers its world class customers the highest quality OHR wearable products for medical and wellness use.


Remotea Oy is a Finnish healthtech software company founded in 2002.

Remotea’s SmartECG is a CE certified medical software for viewing and analyzing ambulatory ECGs such as Holter recordings.

SmartECG can detect multiple arrhythmia types such as sinus tachycardia and bradycardia, atrial fibrillation, ventricular and supraventricular bigeminy, and ventricular and supraventricular runs.


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